… the deep end

So, my blog has finally been  launched, a champagne bottle has been ceremoniously smashed on the bow and the empty, inelegant hull has  slipped sideways into  the water, to a  round of applause from the small crowd of onlookers. All it requires now is “fitting out”!

Which to abandon the ship analogy means it needs a bit of layout tweaking and above all some posts!

I have been sifting through a vast pile of subjects all night – they rush me like  approaching waves, crash into my brain and swirl about in little half-formed sentences, foam up into the semblance of paragraphs and then recede leaving a few glistening words on the sand.

I could write about etching; I have spent a good 40(ish) years and wasted a couple of tons of copper on this branch of printmaking, Maybe screenprinting? The materials have changed dramatically since I used to print posters in a small squat in Kings Cross whereas I still etch using much the same methods as Rembrandt.

END OF THE LINE - St Pancras station clock tower rises above washing hanging out to dry on washing lines strung across the courtyard of Midhope House on the Hillview estate in Kings Cross in the 1980s. Limited edition St Pancras station etching print by Colin Bailey
End of the Line – Kings Cross, Etching 1996

Certainly painting and art although my thoughts on these change by the minute.

Guitar? for a few years I wrote satirical songs and annoyed the loyal pubs and clubs with my “witty” warblings

Or cycling, longbow, archery, swimming, food, computer games, politics, history, economics, films, TV, computers … Life, the universe and everything?

I am essentially a serial obsessive, much to the annoyance of my friends and family and I have no idea where this blog will wander off to!

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