Closing The Stable Door?

A rueful, and philosophical look at image copyright in the digital age…

So… I’ve got off my arse and finally decided to revamp my website – had a few sales off it just before Christmas and realised to my embarrassment that I hadn’t updated it for a couple of years. Anyhow, full of fear and trepidation I timorously took a look at the sprawling behemoth that had once been my baby; 90 pages, more links  than a suit of chainmail and absolutely horrible on a smartphone, laptop or any screen capable of higher resolution than VGA. Technology had indeed moved on. The program I’d done it on – a DTP program with a publish as HTML  option- had been discontinued in 2013 and wouldn’t have worked on the new Windows 10 PC anyway . So heeding advice, I decided to come on over to WordPress and leave all that “under the hood” stuff to the CSS boffins (I imagine somewhere deep in the bowels of WordPress there is an elite team of sunglasses wearing ex-navy seals wearing black bomber jackets with CSS written in big yellow letters on the back, but I watch too many American TV series)

Somewhere down the line I found myself testing links and looking to see how the omnipotent search engines were digesting my move and whether any of my paintings and etchings were still getting airplay.


They’re up there all right! On Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram and quite a few places I hadn’t even heard of – retweeted, reblogged, shared and in some cases blatantly passed off as someone else’s “photo”. 

I’m not really annoyed, it would be nice to get a credit, possibly even a link, or even just the sodding title right, but at the end of the day they’re out there and not rotting at the bottom of a plan chest and to be honest following their tracks through the streets, alleys and dingy passageways of social media is turning out to be quite an adventure! 

So I’m not really closing the stable door, the horses have bolted and are grazing in greener pastures and I suppose the only thing any artist really wants (apart from a shed load of money) is for their work to outlive them – where better than the internet?

So feel free to share to your heart’s content – just give me a credit, a kind word, and possibly a link?

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