Polish up your typing

Przypuszczam, że myślisz, że zabawnie jest wyśmiać język polski? Cóż, uważamy, że twoja głupia mała wyspa też jest zabawna, jak większość Europy!

Happy fingers make happy staff!

At last the easy way resurrect that old computer keyboard!
Used up all those boring Vowels; keys all worn and faded?
At last with Polish up your typing© the solution is at hand!

  • Impress your friends, even (possibly) make new ones!
  • Bring the world of unpronounceable words and implausible consonant combinations to your finger-tips. Let the world be your xollwzz!

Life enhancing and empowering!!!

  • Start winning at Scrabble!
  • Corner the market in pointless internet domain names!
  • Read the hidden language of Car registration plates!
  • Take minutes at pub meetings!
  • Complete crosswords on the train in seconds!
  • Totally unnoticeable in everyday use!
  • Create totally unbreakable passwords and unique key phrases that will guarantee you first page in search engines!

Also Completely *Free!

Polish up your typing now includes Touch type in Welsh!

1001 things to do with the letter L. (Includes W and a starter pack of D’s)

“One Day whilst driving to lllwanlllddd I noticed your advert and after just two months I can zkwlq my lllefdww without any unsightly zkolyw or grokkzxwwl.! My llfgazzy is completely cured and I can zzzwalkyq for several hours before becoming llbggdd!”

R.C Futtock (address withheld because of incomprehensible spelling)

And there’s MORE!!!

Simple words for a complicated world!

Ever wondered how to communicate with people to whom the simple logic of life seems a mystery? Try EEEZYTXT!

Big Letters, Small words! The secret formula Tabloid journalists, ticket inspectors and London Cab drivers discovered Eons ago but couldn’t pass on due to an inherent lack of communication skills.

*with lifetime subscription to Polish up your typing of only £999 a month (non -refundable)and a one time set up fee of £3500. Automated helpline available once a month. cheques made payable to Dodgytype Corp.

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