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Musings of a versatile artistic layabout:

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Musings of a versatile artistic layabout

In for a Penny

An icon of Britain and probably the most famous timepiece in the world, Big Ben towers over that infinitely less reliable institution and the seat of British Government, the Houses of Parliament. Famously regulated by the adding or taking away of pennies to its mechanism Big Ben is used all over the world as aContinue reading “In for a Penny”

Polish up your typing

Przypuszczam, że myślisz, że zabawnie jest wyśmiać język polski? Cóż, uważamy, że twoja głupia mała wyspa też jest zabawna, jak większość Europy! At last the easy way resurrect that old computer keyboard!Used up all those boring Vowels; keys all worn and faded?At last with Polish up your typing© the solution is at hand! Impress your friends, evenContinue reading “Polish up your typing”

The Deluge

Continuing the history of past paintings and why I consider them “Keyworks” in my own development as an artist. I remember having an big sumptuously illustrated book about the formation of the Earth. One double page spread artist’s impression featured seas of molten lava, meteorites plummeting into towering cliffs and a steamy, swirling, angry sky.Continue reading “The Deluge”


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About Me


I am a UK artist and printmaker living and working in Hastings, East Sussex. I lived previously in Rye for ten years and before that in Kings Cross, London for fifteen years, As a teenager I lived and went to school in southern Africa.
I like to write about art (of which I know a little) etching (of which I know quite a bit) and write somewhat scathing observations on life in general (of which I am still getting the hang)
I have written a few satirical lyrics which I have performed at times to the accompaniment of mediocre guitar and vocal skills.
I like cooking, playing computer games and reading (or rather listening these days)

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