Down with Subs!

Down with subs was going to be a rant about the explosive growth of subscriptions which have spread like weeds throughout every aspect of modern life, but on digging a little further I realised the shortened word for subscriptions; subs, went even deeper. One thing I love about the English language is its plethora ofContinue reading “Down with Subs!”

Algorithms and Blues

Once upon a time inky fingered small boys and girls would gather in large unheated rooms and sit at uncomfortable wooden desks. The desks would be arranged in neat rows with military precision by stony faced teachers, not long out the army and with an almost uniform disdain for inky fingered children of any gender.Continue reading “Algorithms and Blues”

The Bear, the Dragon and the…. kitten?

So… lets gets this clear. Boris Johnson, the King in the South is getting us “match fit” by proposing spending £40bn on upgrading Britain’s nuclear arsenal only weeks after offering the NHS a £500m 1% pay rise. Breaking every nuclear non prolific arms treaty he has ever signed (albeit in wax crayon), the PM wasContinue reading “The Bear, the Dragon and the…. kitten?”

In for a Penny

An icon of Britain and probably the most famous timepiece in the world, Big Ben towers over that infinitely less reliable institution and the seat of British Government, the Houses of Parliament. Famously regulated by the adding or taking away of pennies to its mechanism Big Ben is used all over the world as aContinue reading “In for a Penny”

Polish up your typing

Przypuszczam, że myślisz, że zabawnie jest wyśmiać język polski? Cóż, uważamy, że twoja głupia mała wyspa też jest zabawna, jak większość Europy! At last the easy way resurrect that old computer keyboard!Used up all those boring Vowels; keys all worn and faded?At last with Polish up your typing© the solution is at hand! Impress your friends, evenContinue reading “Polish up your typing”

Three letter acronyms FYI TLA OMG!

There are, a simple tap on the calculator concludes, 17576 different possible Three letter Acronyms available from our 26 letter alphabet. The Russians can rustle up twice as many. Their alphabet is 33 letters (35,937 combinations). I blame the KGB (КГБ), although to be fair The global use of TLAs is, as I suspected anContinue reading “Three letter acronyms FYI TLA OMG!”

The Deluge

Continuing the history of past paintings and why I consider them “Keyworks” in my own development as an artist. I remember having an big sumptuously illustrated book about the formation of the Earth. One double page spread artist’s impression featured seas of molten lava, meteorites plummeting into towering cliffs and a steamy, swirling, angry sky.Continue reading “The Deluge”

Game over man, game over!

I am not, what, in modern parlance would be described as a “hard core gamer” I buy no magazines, follow no feeds, very rarely dip into forums and am completely lost when classic video games are referenced. I am a perpetual “noob”, a “scrub”, that lowest of the low; a “casual player”.I am a (slightly)Continue reading “Game over man, game over!”

Latest News

Working hard at relaunching my almost 21 year old website! The old site was cluttered and blocky; designed, as many were back in the late 90s with a rather, old fashioned sort of magazine layout, It took me a while to appreciate the way in which the internet was changing how people digested media.Continue reading “Latest News”