When I’m 64

Its my birthday next week; Sooo… When I’m 64 I will be looking back at the Tapestry of my Life, the occasional Walk on the Wild side, the inevitable struggle to earn Money, and the brief brushes with Fame. I suppose I am now technically an Old man, but consider myself still very much YoungContinue reading “When I’m 64”

Selling your art: “Your colours are the wrong shape”

Selling your art At some point everyone who has ever painted or drawn a picture will ask the question “How do you go about selling your art?” You know your pictures are good, your family and friends tell you they are – and you start to wonder whether you could sell the odd painting, drawingContinue reading “Selling your art: “Your colours are the wrong shape””

Arrow of God 1985

The 1980s. Having left college in 1982 I found my self basically unemployed, living in a squat in Kings Cross with a 2.2 Arts degree that had given me a great foundation in almost every form of graphics and media, but that was no match for the more specialised skills of those graduates emerging fromContinue reading “Arrow of God 1985”

Mensa Mensae Mensam

Which as anyone who has had the misfortune to study Latin at school will be aware means table. This is the story of a table: (mensae). So Mensa Mensae Mensam…. A few days ago a friend was sorting out the garage and decided to get rid of a kitchen table, a heavy sturdy table withContinue reading “Mensa Mensae Mensam”

Snow Balls

“Arctic blizzards cause travel chaos for millions” Translation: a short spell of totally predictable seasonal weather causes the thermometer to dip below 0°, the rail “network” to grind to a halt (as opposed to running like clockwork (literally) the rest of the year), cars to be abandoned by the side of ungritted roads and planesContinue reading “Snow Balls”

Pelham Plaice

A strange day. A couple of months back a sizeable chunk of the front of our (rented) house fell into Pelham Place, the wide stretch of pavement that separates us from the busy A259, the beach, the English Channel and ultimately, France. Yesterday I bought a big bag of freshly caught plaice from the fishermenContinue reading “Pelham Plaice”

… the deep end

So, my blog has finally been  launched, a champagne bottle has been ceremoniously smashed on the bow and the empty, inelegant hull has  slipped sideways into  the water, to a  round of applause from the small crowd of onlookers. All it requires now is “fitting out”! Which to abandon the ship analogy means it needsContinue reading “… the deep end”

Jumping in …

Having had a website for almost as long as Google, I’ve decided to jump in and embrace the brave new world of blogging. Unfortunately my career has been a little more low profile than that of Google (so far, anyway – but here’s hoping). It seems to me that a blog is a much moreContinue reading “Jumping in …”