Septicaemia is a satirical song written several years ago. In light of current events I have decided to post the original lyrics in verse form. The lyrics have been adapted slightly for readability, although I have made some attempts to punctuate the verses according to the original phrasing. Having only just discovered an early recordingContinue reading “Septicaemia”

Polish up your typing

Przypuszczam, że myślisz, że zabawnie jest wyśmiać język polski? Cóż, uważamy, że twoja głupia mała wyspa też jest zabawna, jak większość Europy! At last the easy way resurrect that old computer keyboard!Used up all those boring Vowels; keys all worn and faded?At last with Polish up your typing© the solution is at hand! Impress your friends, evenContinue reading “Polish up your typing”